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Although our services are available in 179 countries, however, we are a UK-based company having a physical address International House, 12 Constance Street, London. The company’s customer support is available 24*7 and you can call us, chat with us and message us on our WhatsApp. The company’s number is +447340959539.

The Way We Started

On social media, we used to see students panicking about their OBU submissions and seeking help from friends and family to complete their thesis. This created an opportunity to serve students who are behind, particularly in OBU thesis writing. The first step was then taken by Jazzmin Ward, the founder of the company and in 2007, after our successful growth throughout the UK, we improved and decided to go international. By 2024, our services will be available in 179 countries where ACCA is being studied.

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Every customer is curious to know who exactly is going to work on their thesis. We make things crystal clear to our valuable customers by letting them know who their thesis writers are. We hired professional ACCA-qualified writers for all 20 topics so that no matter which topic you have selected for your OBU project. With 12 years of great business experience, we are able to find more than 380 top writers for the project writing you can blindly trust.

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We have range of registered OBU mentors specialised in different topics for your project mentoring. Please note that these mentors are not associated with our company, we hire them on your behalf to complete your project mentoring. All their details are provided to the customers so that they can include mentor’s details while submitting the completed project to OBU submission portal. To know more about our mentoring services, please contact our support team available online.

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