Mar 20, 2020
OBU Period 39 Result Date & Resubmission Offer

ACCA RAP Period 39 Result Date and More

Just 5 more days to go, the result announcement of your Research and Analyst Project is on 25th March 2020. OTH Global wishes you all the best for your results. In case you have any difficulties in extracting your results, you may get in touch with our 24/7 online customer support.


Jul 10, 2019
Documents important and mandatory for period 39 submission

What are the Required Documents for the Submission of OBU? Period 39 / 2019

There is a misconception among students that they just need RAP, SLS, and PPT for the submission of OBU. There’s more than that! To clear out all the queries regarding the compulsory documents list for the submission of RAP, you have to go through the following information which is related to the submission in period 39 November, 2019.


Jun 10, 2019
OBU RAP Industry Sectors for Period 39 & Period 40 2019/2020

OBU RAP Industry Sectors for Period 39 & Period 40

All ACCA students ready to submit their OBU Research & Analysis Project (RAP) in period 39 and period 40 must go through the applicable industry sectors for November 2019 and May 2020 submission. Here we have made it quite simple for you to understand.


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