We take your confidential information very seriously and are fully dedicated to safeguard and protect your personal details you share with us. For this, we have been uninterruptedly taking certain measures such as encoding your personal information to guarantee complete privacy. Here we explain the way we gather, utilise and share your provided information at the time of registration and order placement.

Registration Information

  • We collect your registration information on our web which includes your Name, Email Address, Password, Contact number and Country you are using the service from

  • Please be informed that we never ask you to provide your ACCA registration number. You are requested not to share your ACCA number with any of the support representative.

Order Requirements and Information

  • When you fill the order form, we ask for a few important details to be provided which are mandatory in order to complete your order. This includes your RAP topic, status of your ethic module, your submission attempt and the company you have chosen

  • This is how we collect your information and use them by sharing it with the writing department. Your registration details are collected by us and they are never shared with anyone. However, since the writing department works on your order, we share necessary information which is required for your order completion.
  • This includes:

    • Selected topic
    • Preferred company
    • Your submission attempt
    • The chosen company
    • Deadline

Rest of all the information is extracted from the ACCA website which includes information pack and guidelines for each session/period.

How do we utilise your payment information?

In 10 years of business we have upgraded ourselves significantly and to date we are accepting payments from all over the world with different payment channels. You can use PayPal, American Express, Credit/Debit Card, Master Card Bank Transfers, Skrill, 2Checkout and many more payment processes. We never store your credit card information with ourselves because we use third party merchant accounts to give you 100% privacy and security.

Privacy after order delivery

Once your RAP order is completed, it is delivered to you and is backed up as a reference in our backend panel. Neither it is shared with any other customer not it is ever reused. Thus, this is how we ensure that the final work delivered to you remains your property forever.