Choose Your RAP Topic From The List Below

Here is the list of all OBU RAP topics which are categorised by their numbers and here you will get to know if the topic requires primary or secondary research. When you select any primary research topic, it is necessary for you to collect the data which is required in the project thesis. We do rest of the work when you order with us. This is why we recommend our customers to select the topic which includes secondary research method only. This helps us complete your RAP without any hurdles of collecting primary data. For your understanding, topic 5, 8, 15, 17 and 20 are based on secondary research.

Primary Research Secondary Research Primary & Secondary Research

Choosing OBU topic 1 can be problematic for many of the students as it involves an in-depth analysis and evaluation of the selected organisation’s budgetary control systems. It has been noticed that students selecting this topic usually fail the first attempt. Lack of evaluation and not building enough links with performance management and decision making will result in failure, this is why it is the utmost priority for successful completion of the RAP topic 1. If you are aiming to select this for your project thesis, then you must be well aware of the performance management of the selected organisation. It will help you provide better analysis and will likewise allow you to put the areas of improvements or the opportunities your selected organisation can avail to manage the performance successfully. With a range of ACCA qualified writers you can get OBU RAP topic 1 help for a guaranteed pass, thus, let us contribute to your academic success today.

Findings from the literature have demonstrated different and useful meanings of technology. Let’s say, technology is something which makes us think about new products and services and their advancement as we grow older. Quite recently or in the 21st century, new technology has significantly augmented and impacted our daily lives. OBU RAP Topic 2 is an important part of the Research and Analysis project. Its importance lies in introducing new technology in your selected organisation which helps it accomplish its key business aims and objectives. With time, each and every organisation needs to improve and implement new technologies to stay in the business and progress effectively. Consequently, it is important to seek help with this topic offered by us. You need to know that topic 2 must be evidently set just before you start writing it otherwise you will definitely lose your desired results.

Are you going to select topic 3 for your project? You have to know certain facts before going with this one. Topic 3 can be a disaster, be very careful when selecting this! Not every student knows how the law affects the organisations specifically when it comes to its financial position. Therefore, for successful completion of this topic, you need to have significant knowledge and understanding of the impending legislation which should be combined with substantial awareness of the selected organisation’s operations. Build theoretical understanding before starting with the RAP. You will never find an appropriate guide or the approach to go with this topic; however, we have registered mentors to get you through this one as well. By using our OBU RAP Topic 3 help, we will present you a custom written thesis so that you can achieve a PASS. To know more about our services, do not hesitate to start a conversation.

Do you intent to select OBU RAP Topic 4? Deciding a company for this topic is easy, nevertheless, reviewing the environmental cost can be problematic and this is exactly what this topic requires you to do. You must know about this topic before you begin writing your project. Topic 4, according to the mentors, is not an easy topic to go with. It involves complexities of reviewing the environmental cost and studying its accounting issues. Every student must have augmented knowledge of governing requirements considering the overall surroundings of the selected organisation. It is necessary to have sufficient discussion in the RAP by writing all the practical characteristics under the supervision of our registered mentors. In addition, it has been suggested by professionals that each student must apply the knowledge gained from ACCA papers. Just before you finalise selecting the company, you must have enough knowledge and available research of the organisation, particularly the awareness includes their operations. This will allow you to interconnect the effect of the environmental costs considering qualitative and quantitative terms. Expert OBU writers are ready to complete your project, thus, knock us anytime to get instant topic 4 help.

Topic 5 is a widely used topic in the Middle-East and South Asian countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan & India. This topic is mainly selected by the Muslims around the world too as it involves the use of both short and long-term Islamic Financial Instruments along with the effect it has on the selected organisation’s financial statements. Since Islamic financial system is grounded upon the laws of Islam which are also known as the Shariah Law, you must only select this topic when you already have practical experience in such organisation or are very well aware of the system. Otherwise, your RAP will certainly result in failure. This topic requires extensive knowledge and understanding of the selected organisation as well as the Islamic system, only then you will be able to extract the impact of short and long-term Islamic Financial Instruments on organisation’s financial statements. In order to provide quality writing assistance for OBU RAP topic 5, we have specifically hired professional individuals working in Islamic Institutions having great knowledge about this topic. Grab the chance to get a custom written thesis for your RAP.

Before you choose Topic 6 for your RAP, you need to understand that it must be brilliantly outlined and therefore, it should be followed strictly so that the work may not lose its original track. As far as the passing ratio of this topic is concerned, we have personally noted that it is usually getting a pass mark. However, it is never easy. There are certain facts that must be taken into consideration before and while writing your RAP. Just before you begin writing, you must know what critical review is! Critical review or critical evaluation means reviewing the literature for a specific topic from different sources and studies. For e.g. topic 6 requires you to critically review the key factors which motivate employees in an organization. Thus, several indicators and the key factors for employee motivation needs to be reviewed from different online sources and academic articles and their information has to be used specifying “James (2019) observed that financial incentives are one of the greatest factors in employee motivation. However, Jessica (2019) argued that team working is the strongest indicator which helps in employee motivation in any organization. This is how you critically evaluate the topic and this is the first thing you need to know before you start the project. In addition, there are some of the most important things you need to remember, these include, well understanding of motivational models. Then you must create appropriate objectives of the research as this is the key point your research is going to be based on. By selecting a company or organisation for RAP topic 6, you should evaluate whether you have substantial access to the primary information about the organisation.

Topic 7 is not a widely selected topic. Since 2007, we have been observing that students do not prefer selecting this topic for their RAP. There might be several reasons for not selecting this topic, however, our key motive is to promote it and convince you to select this topic for your project. Though it is not that stress-free that you might think it is, yes, you can attempt this perfectly by following some useful tactics we have highlighted here. Topic 7 requires you to critically evaluate the ways of restructuring of your selected organisation and what effects it makes to the financial performance. You should know that when an organization makes significant changes in its systems or reposition it, for e.g. changes in the location of the whole organization or a specific department, it is referred to restructuring. You must know what exact changes your selected organization made in the recent past before you can opt for it. Therefore, since this topic 7 requires primary information, you should know whether you have access to the primary sources of the information or not.

Among all 20 topics of your RAP, topic 8 is the most commonly, desired and extensively used topic. In fact, as far as the results are concerned, it is selected by around 95% of students in every submission period. Topic 8 requires you to choose 2 companies as it is significantly related to the comparison of those selected organisation in terms of their financial positions within the market. To successfully complete this project topic, you need to focus on both business analysis as well as the financial analysis of the organisations. You must include a PEST analysis as well as SWOT analysis and a lot more. Are you certain you want to go with the topic 8 of business and financial performance in an organisation comparing to another over a three-year period? If you have chosen this topic, then there must be a wise reason behind it. Probably you might innate perfect interpersonal analytical skills in the finance domain or your passion would have driven you to opt for this topic. Whatever the reason, you must be cognizant of the intricate aspects of this topic. First things first, this topic is entirely based on showcasing financial analysing skills and in-depth knowledge about chief business domains such as corporate reporting, financial management, performance management, etc. Nevertheless, there are other details as well which you need to pay importance and the foremost element integrates the keen interest of discovering that how the business and finance models could be implemented in actual scenarios within multiple organisations. Consequently, to envelop all the aspects of this topic, you should have the best researching and analytical skills embedded with the enthusiasm of deriving a significant conclusion. Hence, if you are oblivious of the essential skills and features required in this respective topic, then drop a message to us and we would never leave you in the lurch.

Planning new technology is far more daunting than implementing it within an organisation thus if you feel that this topic would be a walk in the park to you then, you should select topic 9 for your RAP. However, you should have a basic understanding of the topic before finalising it for your RAP. You should be aware of the fact that implementing advanced technologies such as information system within an organisation can cause hurdles in the shape of producing delays, productivity losses, and budget overruns. Thus, you have to make sure that you have gathered complete information on how to design an information system for an organisation and the methods of employing it as well. Let’s say if you have planned to implement an IT system, and then there would be certain factors that you need to emphasise such as, communication with the staff, system configuration and installing, data migration, planning of contingency, and many more. On the contrary, if you feel the entire topic challenging, you can gain the primary information required for this RAP topic and then leave it on us as we offer you our dedicated service which would definitely turn out to be the best direction for your work.

Topic 10 deals with the effectiveness of costing techniques in an organisation thus, if you are determined to go for this topic, then you need to comprehend the fundamentals of this topic. Costing techniques is related to the accounting techniques that are involved in the understanding of the values of input and output connected with a production procedure. Since topic 10 is based on primary research, hence, you need to make sure that you have assembled the right amount of data and information. Likewise, you should also possess the precise knowledge and abundant skills that you are going to apply in the topic 10 attained either from ACCA qualification or some other professional degree. In addition to this, the review of the manufacturing of costing techniques entails a vibrant and consolidated comprehension of the requirements that are quite mandatory in carrying out the RAP. Therefore, in this case, we own ACCA adept writers who function as the best mentors for the students who pick out topic 10. The cherry on the top, our people direct you with their perfect supervision and ample experience at every stage of the process, hence, for any query or assistance, feel free to reach out to us.

An investigation into the financial and operational costs is never easy. Topic 11 can be a serious problem if you don’t have the primary source of information. Operational costs refer to the day-to-day requirements which are involved in the maintenance and management of the business. Therefore, if you are thinking to choose topic 11 for the RAP, then make sure that you are not ignorant of the concept of operational and financial costs which envelopes various components such as COGS, payrolls, sales commission, depreciation, maintenance cost, and many others. This also emphasises on investigating the benefits of internal audit or internal review activities of your selected organisation. Additionally, internal audit brings advancement in an organisation by rendering a systematic and disciplined approach that enables the organisation to accomplish and hone their primary objectives successfully. Thus, operational costs and internal audits hold great importance for any organisation or business to strengthen its control environment, distinguish control’s drawbacks and aid bountifully in the acquisition of its goals. Consequently, extensive knowledge and potentials are very necessary to formulate topic 11 in a flawless way. However, if you do not command on this topic yet, have to continue it for RAP then, we welcome you to meet our professional writers and mentors who would definitely play a vital role in your academic achievement.

According to Vaughan, accounting standards are not an impediment in the progression of resource efficiency of an organisation since accounting standards work as a valuable source to the organisation’s financial domain including different factors such as revenue, liabilities, shareholders’ impartiality, expenses, etc. Therefore, topic 12 emphasises the impact caused by accounting standards on the financial statements and business activities of an organisation. If you are intending to choose this topic for your OBU thesis, then you might encounter different perplexities which our brainy mentors and experts could easily sort out with their excellence and vast experience in the respective domain. Hence, you need to seek help from our writers and mentors to put the best efforts in your RAP and gain appreciable outcomes in it.

Topic 13 results trickier as compared to other topics chosen for RAP. Since to accomplish this topic, it is necessary to explore and gather pertinent theories, models, techniques, and concepts and above all, relevant primary data collected from a suitable population and domain. Whereas, students are often seen baffled in commencing topic 13 for their OBU thesis since it requires detailed and thorough comprehension of a defined approach. Hence, before finalising this topic, you must need to ensure that you have a strong grasp and adequate data to fulfil the requirements of this topic. Moreover, to get on the precise track, our intellectual mentors are round the clock available for your assistance throughout the process. Thus, take beneficial feedback from our qualified mentors and writers and we assure you that they would equip you fully with all the background information, primary data, and intricate data to craft the topic 13. In order to abstain from hardships and any snag in the process of writing, put your hands on the phenomenal service of RAP rendered by us. We will guide you in the appropriate selection of the organisation, explain the proper scenario, and gives an in-depth understanding of the specifications and needs of the topic accurately.

Under topic 14, the student needs to gather information from the management of the chosen organisation to be employed in the RAP as a form of primary data mixed with secondary sources such as books, articles, internet, newspaper, etc. Moreover, organisation designs and plans general and specific objectives to be executed effortlessly. To formulate a finance objective is necessary to produce long-lasting outcomes that are highly productive for the organisation. Thus, to delve into the profoundness of topic 14, the student should innate the skill of strategic investment decisions together with the fundamental knowledge of business and financial objectives made by a firm. Furthermore, the student is supposed to have strong knowledge about the chief stakeholders of the company and their interest in that organisation. Therefore, it is absolutely not easy to begin this topic without an expert’s guidance and accurate direction since it integrates in-depth aspects related to the financial objectives and stakeholder’s interest in an organisation. Hence, we are diligent in catering what exactly is required in topic 14, so you can drop us your query anytime.

You need to build your evaluation skills to evaluate the management of an organisation’s working capital over a three year period. If you already have decided to go with this, you must do an analysis to know the impact on the organisation’s funding strategies. Before approaching topic 15, you need to decide the availability of the accurate amount of data according to the requirement of this topic that revolves around the concept that how the working capital system affects funding strategies of an organisation over time duration of 3 years. Moreover, the student is required to unearth ample and relevant amounts of data from secondary sources since topic 15 is based on secondary research. Whereas, students who have chosen this topic earlier came across to heaps of obstacles in accessing authentic secondary resources for the collection of data, thus, the best way out of this problem, if you are also planning to take this topic for RAP, is to attain prolific and complete from our highly educated and skilled RAP mentors. They would not only provide you with sufficient data achieved from public libraries and reputed journals, but they would also guide you in the entire journey of your academic career by giving you proper awareness of the guidelines of OBU. Hence, do not hesitate to reach out to us for immediate guidance on topic 15.

Risk is unpredictable within an organisation thus; several organisations plan and take different measures to reduce the chances of risk within their business by focusing mainly on management tactics. In this manner, most of the organisations manage risks with the help of various strategies that enable them to forecast any upcoming risk and come up with an impeccable solution to fix it. However, since you are about to select this topic for your OBU thesis, then we welcome you to the world of professional ACCA writers and highly experienced ACCA mentors who are brilliant in giving feedback on the tasks required to carry out the topic 16. Moreover, the tasks included to organise the OBU thesis based on topic 16 are, accumulating the precise and vast amount of information through primary sources, deciding and implementing exact tools and techniques and adhering to a defined approach of critical evaluation. In addition to this, our adroit mentors and writers are well-versed in serving you with the perfect data and opinions regarding the identification of risk, suitable risk management measures, and execution of those strategies. Therefore, interact with us for detailed guidance in every aspect of topic 16.

Are you planning to select topic 17 for your RAP? If yes, then it’s better to discuss the topic’s requirements with a knowledgeable RAP mentor so that you could easily work upon your project. Therefore, our RAP mentors are highly competent and well-experienced in providing the finest guidance in topic 17. Their feedback comprises of the important aspects, rules, and regulations of OBU and the modifications made under the current scenarios in the OBU thesis. Thus, if you want to begin and proceed your OBU thesis, constituting topic 17 without suffering any snag in the midst of the journey then, our RAP mentors couldn’t be a better option to nail your RAP project perfectly! Apart from this, the student has to consider rigorously about the necessary materials which are required in the organisation’s assessment of the quality of the corporate governance aspects along with the crucial reasons for weak corporate governance through different techniques and tools including quantitative data analysis, qualitative data analysis, implementation of pie charts, graphs, bar charts, Gap Analysis, and many others. Hence, to achieve immediate and incredible guidance in your RAP topic 17, communicate with us this very moment!

Before initiating topic 18 of your RAP, there are some things which you should specify whether you have access to them or not. The basics comprise of the original data collected from primary or secondary sources through information taken directly from the organisation, reports produced from the organisation, IT website, observations, interviews, audio-visual materials, an examination of documents such as the peer papers and journals, etc. Moreover, this study could be carried out through primary and secondary research thus, if you are thinking of opting for secondary research then, reviewing past documents related to topic 18 would be most appropriate, as the foremost objective of topic 18 is to evaluate the marketing strategy of an organisation with nothing new to formulate. Nevertheless, if you are feeling puzzled about the research methodologies and the data collection techniques for topic 18, you should cheer up since our phenomenal mentors always look forward to aiding the students in topic 18 by applying their potentials and knowledge in your RAP.

OBU thesis topic 19 concentrates on the evaluation of the consequences of the financial and operational presentation of an organisation as an outcome of either a merger of two organisations or the acquisition of one by another. So, are you dreaming of conducting your RAP on topic 19? If you are thinking of choosing this topic for your RAP, then let us tell you that there are certain elements that you must take into consideration before creating an outline for topic 19. The topic 19 mentions a merger which refers to the combination of two organisations for the establishment of a new form, whereas, the term acquisition means that the organisation has purchased another organisation with no intention of creating an innovative organisation. In addition to this, the student is supposed to explore and analyse data for pre-acquisition or merger and post-acquisition or merger. Since topic 19 is based on primary research, then it is mandatory to ensure the availability of accurate information and data incorporating a well-defined approach. On the whole, to work on topic 19, you have to get completely prepared for all the significant documents, data collection tools, models such as force field analysis, SWOT, the precise analysis of data, and many more. Above all, the steady and thorough supervision of an expert mentor is quite necessary to bring about topic 19, thus to guide you in accomplishing your OBU thesis with flying colours, our mentors and writers are exclusive to gain guidance from!

Students really confront severe obstacles when they start topic 20 without doing any background researching, having a clear approach, and gathering the pertinent data for requirements. To cap it all off, the biggest blunder which they commit is they do not seek guidance from RAP mentors, and after serious struggles, they still are not able to achieve the coveted results. Hence, the best way to walk on the effective path is to grab the globe’s striking assistance in OBU thesis by our dedicated and highly experienced mentors. Moreover, if we talk about corporate social responsibility, then the term is often defined as an advanced corporate management model mainly encompassing entrepreneurs, managers, and directors. Thus, to gain a detailed insight of the different aspects of topic 20, it is important to approach our deft RAP project writers so that they can guide you completely in selecting the right organisation, guiding on the main issues, and providing access to information and knowledge with utmost devotion and consistent passion.


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