Jan 16, 2019
How to write OBU RAP Thesis, SLS & PowerPoint Presentation?

How to write OBU RAP Thesis, SLS & PowerPoint Presentation?

Information is best for Topic 8

The Report Part

Are you ready to write your Research & Analysis Project? If yes, you must read it through to avoid some important mistakes students usually make and get a failure mark. Just before you begin reading the important stuff, you must decide a topic to write a thesis on and keep it in your mind while reading through. For your RAP topic, you must first search for relevant scholarly articles. There are two main tools you can use to search the best articles for your thesis writing:

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is the best place where you can find millions of articles, simply find the relevant ones and cite them in your thesis where required. Search your articles here https://scholar.google.com. You might see some paid articles; however, to use them for free open the second most important tool. To get to know what parts need to be referenced, continue reading, as it has been discussed later.


The second most important tool specifically for students is Sci-Hub. By using this website, you can get access to the paid articles for free of cost. Remember, instead of gathering material from every article, research for the best ones to that it makes sense when you rewrite or paraphrase the content of the selected article. Simply follow the link https://sci-hub.tw/ to open more than 70,000,000 articles today and more than 100,000 helpful for your RAP thesis.

Just before we move on to the next step, you must know that you have 3 attempts to pass your ACCA qualification and OBU thesis.

If This Is Your First Attempt

Start your thesis with Part 1 and follow the steps below:

  • Provide rationale for the selected topic
  • Provide rationale for the selected organisation
  • Include project aims and objectives along with research questions
  • Provide your research approach

You must know how to write the rationale and the content which has to be included in the above headings. By here, you will be able to complete the first part of your RAP thesis. This can be around 900 words in total.

Start part 2 of the project by following the steps below:

  • Provide the sources of information initially which must include both primary and secondary sources
  • Specify the data collection methods of your research (you must include the financial statements if necessary, according to the selected topic. Include internet and magazines as relevant sources).
  • Provide limitations of collecting data
  • Provide ethical consideration
  • Include what accounting and business techniques are used
  • Include the limitations of the techniques such as limitations of ratio analysis, swot analysis and pest analysis

Did you know?

Part 2 of the project MUST include SWOT Analysis, PEST Analysis and Porters 5 Forces. If you provide all three of them in your research, it will give a great and positive impact and on the tutor’s mind.

Now start your part 3 of the research project:

Part 3 of your RAP project thesis should comprise results and its analysis along with recommendations and conclusion. Keep in mind that this is not the end of the project. There is still a long way to go as PPT, SLS, List of abbreviations and references list is left too. 

  • Do the analysis of the selected company
  • You need to have good research skills
  • You must have strong financial analytical skills
  • Business analytical skills are extremely important too

This part is one of the most important parts of your OBU RAP thesis. 

  • Demonstrate findings from accounting sources for e.g. all ratio analysis. Don’t forget to include the appropriates graphs
  • Then present findings from business techniques, e.g. SWOT & PEST
  • Finally, provide a clear and appropriate conclusion to your thesis along with recommendations by using different headings
  • Restrict your word count to 7500 including ToC (table of contents) and Title page

The Skills and Learning Statement (SLS) Part

Skills and learning statement completely depends on your personal reflection. It does not include any research work and thus, you have to share your own experience. This should initiate telling the reader how important it is to complete the RAP with coordination with your mentor and following guidelines provided by the OBU which are updated after every two periods. At first, you should demonstrate how you have learned from the meeting with your project thesis mentor. You must categorise this part by sharing your experience in each meeting. For e.g.: The first meeting, the second meeting, the third meeting and so on.

Similarly, once done with your experience, you now have to justify the extent you have achieved the objectives of your RAP. Around 400 words are more than enough for this part.

In your third question, restrict yourself to 400 too and let the reader know how you have utilised your interpersonal and communication skills. 

Similarly, for the last question, demonstrate how the Research and Analysis Project (RAP) has helped you at the employment settings and in your accountancy studies. The total word count should be no more than 2000 words.

The Presentation PPT Part of Project Thesis

A lot of students face issues in the phase. By reviewing comments over the internet, it has been observed that students still have no idea how to prepare the presentation, what is the reason and if it has to be submitted along with the work or not. By considering student’s concerns on different forums, it can be said that a clear picture of the PPT part needs to be demonstrated. By reading the expert’s comments below you will be able to prepare the best presentation for your project thesis.

Expert says: PPT is one of the most important parts of your Research and Analysis Project thesis and cannot be ignored. Significant time and efforts are required to prepare a presentation as you can likewise achieve a failure if this is not prepared, written and presented appropriately.

To get an example or a sample presentation for OBU topic 8, please consult an online support agent round the clock. You can also download a sample presentation which is 100% plagiarised. Download it here

The List of Abbreviations Part

Prepare a new file and write all the abbreviations of the short forms you have used in your RAP thesis. For e.g. 

List of Abbreviations (as a word document)

OBU - Oxford Brookes University
RAP – Research and Analysis Project
SWOT – Strength - Weakness - Opportunity- Threat
ROCE- Return on Capital Employed
NPM- Net Profit Margin
PEST – Political – Economic – Social- Technological
ROCE – Return on Capital Employed
EPS- Earnings per Share

The Appendices Part

For topic 8, usually, 2 appendices must be submitted. The first one should be a Ms Excel document which should present the income statement and Consolidated Statement of Profit and Loss.

The second one must include a references list including all the sources which are used to prepare the final thesis.

As per the new guidelines, the financial statements of the selected company must be submitted in a pdf format. This rule is implemented in Nov 2018 period 37 submissions.

Many students might not be able to complete their thesis during the available time-frame, thus for such students, there are different companies providing assistance. Make sure they are UK based and have their company numbers. For more information, get in touch with our online support agents.

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