Feb 06, 2019
Ethics Module & RAP Submission Dates Period 38, May 2019

Ethics Module & RAP Submission Dates Period 38, May 2019

Deadline for Period 38, May 2019 Are You Ready?

Finally, the Research and Analysis Project submission for period 38 is here. Are you ready for it? Just before you start with your project, you must know the deadline to schedule your thesis work accordingly. As you all know there are two attempts for your RAP submission every year, May and November. For the year 2019, you must know the submission dates if you already have planned to submit your RAP this May.

Note the deadlines:

  • Ethics and Professional Skills Module – Wednesday, 27th March – 2019
  • RAP Submission Date Starts – Wednesday, 1st May – 2019
  • RAP Submission Date Ends – Wednesday, 15th May – 2019 latest by 13:00 Hours UK Time

RAP Result Announcement:

Results will be announced on Wednesday, 18th September 2019.

RAP Submission Fee for Period 38:

The submission fee is £340.

Final Deadline Time:

13:00 UK Time, Wednesday 15th May 2019 – Submit it here: OBU Submission Website

Our Recommendation: Register yourself with your credentials such as postal address and email along with your mentor’s details in the first week of the submission period. You will be left with the uploading of your attachments and files only. Save your time as sometimes the portal does work properly because of the traffic and load.

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