Jan 31, 2019
What Documents Do I Need to Submit to OBU? Period 38/2019

What Documents Do I Need to Submit to OBU? Period 38/2019

The following information is updated on 30th January 2019

It has been comprehended that students think it is just the RAP, SLS and PPT that has to be submitted to the OBU, no! Be careful!

Here you will find out the updated submission documents list mandatory for your RAP. It is necessary for you to know everything which is required for your submission in period 38 May, 19. You must know that this is one of the frequently asked questions on different forums and websites. To find out the most appropriate information, please read the following important stuff before submitting your RAP.

You will find everywhere that you need 5 documents to submit to the OBU. However, this is where all ACCA students make mistakes. As you all know that in November 2018 (period 37) deadline was extended and there was a significant delay in the submission. The information was out with an update regarding the documents you must attach.

7 Documents You Must Submit & Prepare For May 2019

1- RAP

This project must be 7500 words in total. This should be written within one word document. To know more about how to write your Research & Analysis Project, read here: How to write OBU RAP Thesis, SLS & PowerPoint Presentation?

2- SLS

Skills and Learning Statement must be within 2000 words and is a mandatory document you have to submit to the submission portal. 

3- Excel Document/Appendix

Similarly, an excel document is a must. Usually, this is submitted to OBU as an appendix. This shows all the calculations you have carried out for your analysis. It is an obligatory requirement that you should calculate and present your financial ratios and performance indicators along with the tables and graphs. Your xls or xlsx document needs to be submitted in the Spread Sheet Section. 

4- PowerPoint Presentation (PPT)

You have to make sure that you do not increase your PowerPoint Presentation slides above 20. This is too, an obligatory document for submission. It is mandatory to have a fifteen minutes presentation with your registered mentor otherwise; your Communication Skills part will be a complete failure. 

5- Annual Reports

This is extremely important and the latest update from the OBU. Therefore, if you are submitting your project in May, 2019 you must submit the annual reports along with your project. It is now mandatory for all students to submit the selected company’s annual reports along with your RAP. (This is mandatory since period 37 submissions).

6- List of Abbreviations

In every project, no matter what the topic is, there need to be the short forms of repeated words. Thus, you must create a word document to present all the abbreviations used in your project thesis.

7- References List

This is one of the most important word documents you have to submit. Whenever you cite your arguments and research material, you should use the Harvard Referencing Style. You have to put all the citations in a different word document which has to be submitted as one different document from others. Don’t forget, the references list must be in alphabetical order.
Tip: Sometimes it is better to make a folder in your hard disk for e.g.: “Period 38” and put your documents within it. You must upload them over your One Drive account or Google Drive account for backup purposes.

Important Information: 

  • All these documents must be submitted to OBU Submissions Portal: https://www.obusubmissions.co.uk/
  • Your all document files in total must not exceed the uploading limit which is 10MB. 
  • Make sure the SLS document size does not go up to 250Kb. 
  • In addition to this, if you are MAC user, please do not use Safari for the submission as it may not support. 
  • You must have Firefox Browser in your MAC for a successful submission.
  • Turnitin has to be used to process all the projects

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