May 23, 2019
OBU Period 37 Resubmission Fee & Deadline – June, 2019

OBU Period 37 Resubmission Fee & Deadline – June, 2019

Here is the great news for all ACCA students who submitted their Research & Analysis Project in period 37 and failed. Are you one of those students?

You all know that due to certain unusual circumstances, the submission of period 37 was delayed. Similarly, due to this, the results were announced on 17th May – 19 and unfortunately students who submitted their project thesis in this period were not able to resubmit it in period 38 (May 2019).

Consequently, OBU is offering these students who were unsuccessful in period 37, a one-off submission period in June 2019.

Eligibility Criteria for a Resubmission in JUNE 19

  • Submitted and failed in period 37
  • Ensure it was not your last submission – Less than 3rd submission
  • Should be within 10-year period rule on 15 May 2019
Submission starts at:  Friday 14th June 2019
Submission closing time: Wednesday 26th June 2019 (1 PM UK TIME or 13.00 Hours)

Resubmission Fee – June 2019

The fee for this will remain at £340 sterling.

You will have to submit your project thesis in the same way you did earlier in November/ December 2018.

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