Jul 10, 2019
Documents important and mandatory for period 39 submission

Documents important and mandatory for period 39 submission

There is a misconception among students that they just need RAP, SLS, and PPT for the submission of OBU. There’s more than that! To clear out all the queries regarding the compulsory documents list for the submission of RAP, you have to go through the following information which is related to the submission in period 39 November, 2019.

Usually what ACCA students make mistakes commonly is that they consider there are 5 required documents for the submission of OBU. However, a detail of mandatory documents to be attached is given below. Have a look!

7 Compulsory Documents to be submitted

1. RAP

The word limit for this project is about 7500 words and it is compulsory to write it within one word document.

2. SLS

Skills and Learning statement should be written within the word limit of 2000 words. Moreover, it is an obligatory document which has to be submitted to the portal description.

3. Excel Document/ Appendix

Excel document consists of all the calculations which are performed during the analysis. Just like the above documents, it is also considered as an important document which is submitted in an appendix from to OBU. In this document, you have to present and calculate the financial ratios and performance indicators with graphs and tables. Furthermore, the xls or xlsx document should be submitted in the Spread Sheet Section.

4. PowerPoint Presentation

In the same manner, PPT is also an essential part of the documents. The slides should not exceed above 20 and the presentation should consume 15 minutes with the registered mentor, if not then your communication skills would all go in vain.

5. List of Abbreviations

For your RAP, this is again one of the substantial documents which are obligatory for submission. All the short forms used in your project must be provided separately. This must be a doc or docx file (MS Word). Just a heading “List of abbreviations” on top of your word document and then the numeric list would work perfectly.

6. List of References

This is the most important part of your Research and Analysis Project. List of references has to be submitted separately like other documents. Again, this can be a numeric list of all the references you have used to extract the research material. This list has to be submitted in a word document.

7. Financial Statements

In this part, you must include the financial statements such as Profit and Loss Statement as well as balance sheet etc. Financial statements of both companies are required for topic 8 specially. One page of PnL and others would work perfectly. Therefore, this is the last thing that you need to submit to OBU.

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